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» Bruce
MCU | Faderift
One of the oldest friends that Katniss still has. She's going to treat him like her big brother, which means she is going to nag him like her big brother.

» Zevran Arainai
Dragon Age: Origins | Faderift
He was drunk, she was taking trick shots. It's a friendship that will be built on all things Rogue and Common Understanding. Besides, he saved Redcliffe and he calls her Bella. What's not to like?

» Ariadne
OC | Faderift
This is, quite possibly, the nicest person that Katniss has ever met. Not to mention cheerful. So ... so cheerful. She's not bad though. Only person Buttercup sees as an equal.

» Gavin Ashara
Dragon Age Inquisition
Gavin is someone who helps Katniss see there is still beauty in the world. He thinks he's some sort of Dalish failure. She sees him as someone who has yet to see the beauty and courage in himself. They're both learning to live in the now, and not the past.

» Pel Ashara
Dragon Age Inquisition | Inquisitor OC
Two sides of the same coin - while Pel is intellect and intuition, Katniss is motion and reflection. Pel is the second Dalish that Katniss has met, and the one that shares her passion with bringing their people together, no matter the shape of their ears or where they were born. They're out to reclaim the past, to save the future.

» Cullen Rutherford
Dragon Age Inquisition | Dragon Age Series
Have you ever looked at someone and realized, in a heartbeat, that you want to find a space in their arms? That you wanted to know everything about them and yet spend years studying the meaning behind every smile directed at you? Have you ever been disappointed in love with a friend, then meet a stranger who makes that early infatuation seem trite and childish? If so, then you might understand Katniss's feelings about Cullen Rutherford.

Info Page

Nov. 17th, 2015 10:58 pm
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NAME: Katniss Everdeen
AGE: 21
RACE: Half-blooded elf
BUILD: Slender with lithe muscle, like that of a runner.
HAIR: Dark brown, wavy.
EYES: Steel grey.
BEARING: Cold and silent unless provoked, prodded, or teased by someone she actually likes.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Features are 'faintly' elvish - her eyes might be the only give-away, the way they are tilted.

A Scout in the Inquisition, Katniss has come to accept that life has more to offer than suicide by war. Yet there are many battles ahead, and many scars to be gifted. Right now she lives in the small wooden hut with her cat Buttercup.


Anyone who is from the Hinterlands knows that Katniss Everdeen is one of the finest archers and hunters in all of the Redcliffe holdings. She can shoot the eye out of a ferrec from two hundred paces, while it is moving. She is also a known half-blooded elf, and openly worships both the Maker, Andraste, and the Elven Gods. She is currently seeing Cullen Rutherford.


- People who want to give her guff about being a half-blood, bring it on.
- People who want to see if they can best her with a bow, bring it on.
- People who just do not take the cold demeanor for the real Katniss, oh please do bring it on.
- Anyone who is out to help the helpless, feel free to grab Katniss by the arm so she can help.
- Of course she's looking for ways to destroy herself, so giving her reasons to live (friends, adopted family, even a love interest) will be awesome.

Approval & Gifts

+ Being Competent And Self Sufficient
+ Acting compassionate to the less fortunate
+ Disliking the Dalish 'superior' attitude
+ Family
+ Standing up to human racism.
- Death of innocents
- Blood Mages and Red Templars
- Elvish 'superiority'
- Human 'superiority'
- Being alone.

Food, finely crafted trinkets, better arrows and better bows, pictures or paintings of different and beautiful places.

Inbox -

Nov. 17th, 2015 10:54 pm
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In one of the broken down towers of Skyhold, you will find an area meticulously cleaned and turned into simple living quarters. Here, you will find a simple bedroll put on a carefully put back together bedframe, a small table with small idols made from ram horns of the elvish gods, clearly newly cared, and one small idol of Andraste, probably given by one of the sisters. You will also find an angry yellow cat that will snarl at you if you come too close to the bed. There is a crude workbench that has a faint stain of blood on it, but herbs cover up the rest. Herbs are hanging here, as well as skins, and there's a spot cleared at the far end where a clumsy looking small cup and a well worn quill rest.

Do you wish to leave a note for the cold huntress? Or do you simply care to wait?
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My One Rule Is -- Ask First.
So please, feel free to ask here!
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Prompt 1 - Pre-Inquisition

Welcome to the lazy little hamlet outside of Redcliffe, known as the Crossroads. Here, you will meet such folks as the old healer Thalen, the horsemaster Dennet, a bright young dwarf girl named Lace Harding and many others. If you're looking for fur to buy, meat for your travels, or a slightly (ahem) better quality of healing potions? Look for the Everdeen sisters. They live in a cottage, right up off in the hills, not far from Maura and her husband Theo. Some say that is where 'those kind' should live, the elves and the half-breeds. Others wish they lived closer to town - trekking out for meat and healing poulstices is a hike, even if it is worth it.

Either way, everyone knows where the Everdeens are. You can't miss the sisters - Primrose with her bright blue eyes and blonde hair, braided as she carries her basket of herbs, her cloak hood just covering the tips of her sharp ears, and Katniss, the elder sister with her slanted, cold grey eyes, grim young expression and dark braid curled around the shoulder of her hunting leathers. Like night and day, those sisters, but ever so devoted to one another. Help one and you will asuredly get help from the other...

Prompt 2 - After the Fall of Haven

The only quiet place to sit, come nightfall, was up on the battlements. The guard rotation was lighter, then, with most of the guards themselves making sure to keep an eye on the tavern, and the main gate. Instead, there were sharp shooters lined up atop the towers, small fires to keep them warm as they watched over the courtyards, and the valleys below. Katniss wasn't on such a rotation, not yet, but she too liked to sit atop the battlements and watch all the chaos below.

Some part of her knew that she should try, just try, to make a connection with her newfound cause. She could hear Primrose pleading with her, dragging her towards the tavern, or where others were sharing a meal in the main hall. Yet here she remained, since she arrived, for about a week. Keeping herself apart and waiting for the return of the Nightengale and the Commander, so she could be 'sorted properly'.

For now, she was just a watch eye from above, abeit perhaps a slightly wistful one at the strains of a strangled song. If you come closee enough to her, you can hear her singing in turn...


Aug. 17th, 2012 10:35 pm
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Comments, questions, interesting tidbits you'd like to share on my portrayal of Katniss Everdeen? Leave them here.


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